Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks Mom!!! Win one of three $20,000 packages!!

Ever want to get out of parenting for a moment in time? Well if you win this you can pick the prize you want as well as cherish your time with your baby.

Prize package #1: Moms have to be Olympic athletes to complete all of the tasks that need to get done each day. Now she can have the extra time she needs for a snuggle with baby with this package that includes a team of trained experts to help around the house for an entire year.

Housecleaning once a week
Cooking service once a week
Nanny once a week
Spa treatments
Shopping for new clothes
JOHNSON'S® Baby products

Prize package #2: Bringing home a new baby is the start of a wonderful journey but can be a lot of work! Here’s a package that can help mom create fun and memorable moments every step of the way, beginning with a holiday chosen by mom to start her family’s journey.

Family holiday
Personal trainer/exercise coach for mom and baby
JOHNSON'S® Baby products
New wardrobe for mom and baby

Prize package #3: Tomorrow’s champions need to get off to a great start. Every enriching moment mom creates today prepares baby for a more rewarding tomorrow. With this package, mom has everything she needs for those important early years, along with a financial head start for the education to come.

Car seat
Furniture for baby’s room
High chair
Wardrobe for baby’s first year
Money for education
JOHNSON'S® Baby products

Good luck to all who enter!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wins really do come in threes!!!

I found out in the last week that I won a copy of "Fatal Deduction" in a blog contest. Also I won five coupons for panini sandwiches and a lunch cooler bag from the stouffers instant win contest, and now from dairy farmers of canada instant win, I won an exercise ball. Luck is sure funny how it truly does come in threes after a dry spell for a while. Hopefully all of you who read this will get lucky in some way in threes also!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Have a house party!!

Go to and apply to have one of their parties. They are soon going to have a gerber organic party and a barbie house party wehre you invite your friends and they supply whatever it is that they are promoting like barbie dolls or gerber organic food etc.... They only accept applications for so long and only so many, so get going!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

All Canadian

Here is a great contest to enter that is purely canadian with canadian content and canadian products. It is great to shop in Canada because we are canadian and it is great to support your own country!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Win Rachel Ray's Yum-O: The Family Cookbook!!!

Thanks to Jenn for telling me about this. It indeed would be a great win!!!